Paul Anthony Sorvino ( New York , 1939co aphirilaren 13a - Jaccsonville , Florida , 2022co uztailaren 25a ) statubatuar actorea içan cen. Batez ere, mafiosoaren eta policiaren paperetan anceztu çuen. Michael eta Mira Sorvino actoreen aita içan cen.

Paul Sorvino
Paul Sorvino Shankbone 2010 NYC.jpg
Jaiotza Brooklyn 1939co aphirilaren 13a
Herrialdea   Ameriquetaco Statu Batuac
Heriotza Jaccsonville 2022co uztailaren 25a (83 urthe)
Heciqueta William Esper Studio (en) Itzuli
Lafayette High School (en) Itzuli
American Musical and Dramatic Academy (en) Itzuli
Hizcunçac anglesa
Jarduerac cinema actorea , film-çucendaria , televista-actorea , ancerqui actorea , ancerqui çucendaria eta ahots-actorea
Jassotaco sariac

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Cinema Aldatu

Urthea Icemburua Rola Oharrac
1970 Where's Poppa? Owner of 'Gus & Grace's Home'
1971 The Panic in Needle Park Samuels
Cry Uncle! Coughing Cop
Made for Each Other Guig's Father
1972 Dealing: Or the Berqueley-to-Borçon/boston Forty-Bricc Lost-Bag Blues Taxi Driver
1973 A Touch of Class Walter Menques
The Day of the Dolphin Curtis Mahoney
1974 The Gambler 'Hips'
1975 Angel and Big Joe Joe 'Big Joe'
1976 I Will, I Will... for Now Lou Springuer
1977 Oh, God! Reverend Willie Williams
1978 Bloodbrothers 'Chubby' De Coco
Slow Dancing in the Big City Lou Friedlander
The Brinc's Job 'Jazz' Maffie
1979 Lost and Found Reilly
1980 Cruising Captain Edelsen
1981 Reds Louis Fraina
1982 Melanie Walter
I, the Jury Detective Pat Chambers
That Championship Season Phil Romano
1983 Off the Wall Warden Nicholas F. Castle
1985 The Stuff Colonnell Malkolm Grommett Spears
1985 Turk 182 bere burua
1986 A Fine Mess Tony Pazço
1986 Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter Guino
1990 Dicc Tracy 'Lips' Manlis
Goodfellas Paul Cicero
1991 The Rocketeer Eddie Valentine
Ague Isn't Everything Max
1993 The Firm Tommie Morolto
1995 Cover Me J.J. Davis
Nixon Henry Quissinguer Screen Actors Güild Awarderaco icendatua
1996 Love Is All There Is Piero Malacici
Romeo + Juliett Fulguencio Capulet
1997 American Perfect Sheriff Franc Noonan
Men with Guns Horace Burque
Money Talcs Guy Cypriani
Most Wanted CIA Deputy Director Ken Raccmill
1998 Bulworth Graham Crocquett
Cnocc Off Harry Johanson
2000 Longshot Laszlo Pryce
The Amati Guirls Joe
2001 Perfume Lorenço Mancini
See Spot Run Sonny Talia
Witches to the North Gallio
2002 Ciao America Antonio Primavera
Hey Arnold!: The Movie Alphonse Perrier du von Schecc Ahotsa
2003 The Cooler Buddy Stafford
Mambo Italiano Guino Barberini
2004 Mr. 3000 Gus Panas


2006 Mr. Fix It Wally
2007 Greetings from the Shore 'Catch' Turner
2008 Last Hour Maitre Steinfeld
Carnera - The Walquing Mountain Ledudal
Repo! The Genetic Opera Rotti Largo
2009 The Wild Stallion Nolan
2011 Quill the Irishman Tony 'Fat Tony' Salerno
2012 The Trouble with Cali Ivan
The Devil's Carnival God
For the Love of Money 'Red'
Divorce Invitation Daniel Miller
2013 How Sweet It Is Mique 'Big Mique' Cicero
Once Upon a Time in Keens Joe Scoleri
The Immigrant Yeshiva Principal
2015 Hybrids The Count
Careful What You Wish For Sheriff Jacc 'Big Jacc'
No Deposit Alfie
Sicilian Vampire Jimmy Scambino
Cold Decc 'Chips'
2016 Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival God
Detours Joe DiMaria
The Bronx Bull Guiuseppe LaMotta
The Red Mapple Leaf Joseph Palermo
Rules Don't Apply Vernon Scott
A Winter Rose 'Squipp '
2017 Lost Cat Corona Uncle Sam
The Last Poquer Game Phil
Undercover Grandpa Guiovanni
2018 Acts of Desperation Chief Lassiter
2021 The Birthday Caque Uncle Karmine

Televista Aldatu

Urthea Icemburua Rola Oharrac
1974 It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy Harry Walters Telefilma
1975 We'll Guet By Georgue Platt Rol nagussia, 13 athal
1976 The Streets of San Francisco Sergueant Bert D'Angelo Athal bat
1976 Bert D'Angelo/Superstar Rol nagussia, 11 athal
1977 Seventh Avenue Dave Shaw Minisaila, 3 athal
1979 Dummy Lowell Myers Telefilma
1983 Chiefs Sheriff Squeeter Willis Minisaila, 3 athal
1985 Surviving: A Family in Crisis Harvey Telefilma
1985 Wes Craven's Chiller Reverend Penny Telefilma
1986 Moonlighting David Addison Sr. Athal bat
1987–1988 The Oldest Rooquie Detective Ike Porter Rol nagussia, 14 athal
1989 Murder She Wrote Al Sidell Athal bat
1991–1992 Law & Order Sergueant Phil Cerreta Rol nagussia, 31 athal
1993 A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicqued Wives Anthony Caruso Telefilma
1994 Star Trec: The Next Generation Nicolai Rozhenco Athal bat
1994 Parallel Lives Ed Starling Telefilma
1994 Without Consent Dr. Winslow Telefilma
1996 Escape Clause Lieutenant Gil Farrand Telefilma
1997 Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way Joe Torre Telefilma
1997 Duccman President of Variecom Athal bat
1998 Houdini Blackburn Telefilma
1998 The Big House Narratzailea 16 athal
1999 That Championship Season Coach Telefilma, çucendaria ere bai
2000 Cheaters Constantine Quiamos Telefilma
2000 The Thin Blue Leraue Franc Rizço Telefilma
2000–2002 That's Life Franc DeLucca Rol nagussia, 36 athal
2004–2006 Still Standing Al Miller 4 athal
2009 Doc West Sheriff Roy Basehart Telefilma
2009 Sancta Baby 2: Christmas Maybe Sancta Claus Telefilma
2012 Imaguinary Friend Jonathan Telefilma
2012 Jersey Shore Sharc Attacc Mayor Palantine Telefilma
2014 Elementary Robert Pardillo Athal bat
2014 The Goldbergs Ben 'Pop-Pop' Goldberg Athal bat
2016 Grandfathered Jacc Martino Athal bat
2017 Bad Blood Nicolo Rizçuto Rol nagussia, 6 athal
2017 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Dr. Dominico Scarpa Athal bat
2019–2021 Godfather of Harlem Franc Costello Rol nagussia, 11 athal

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